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  • help reduce the amount of swelling that you experience 
  • help to minimize bruising and scarring
"When my doctor recommended Femine for me to get a garment post tummy tuck I did not know what to expect. FormRx compression garment is the best. It shaped my body to the perfect contour I needed. I got 3 garment from them. The garment fit perfectly, and most important of all is that I can go back up to 6 months for refitting and adjustment. Meri and her team are masters at getting you the perfect compression garment post tummy tuck. I highly recommend them.! "
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user: Erica Langley

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“The custom Garments from Meri at Femine have saved me from the extra pain that multiple skin reduction surgeries after 250 pound weight loss have caused. I scribbled on a sheet of paper and Meri worked her magic and created me compression garments that are functional but comfortable. She made alter

Will Hughes

From the very beginning, even prior to my procedures, the staff have been so wonderful. I am not at all exaggerating, they are truly sweet and thoughtful individuals. Communication is so easy; the atmosphere is comfortable; the faces are beautifully friendly; and the services are very efficient. I cannot insist not having Femine Form/Rx apart of my recovery process. Going thru such procedures can be so overwhelming and uncomfortable so having such a lovely crew to take care of you is so meaningful; so refreshing to know that happy faces and friendly service still exists in this world of crazy times 🙂
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user: - Leah Sparkman

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