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My name is Kassandra Melendez,  I have invested the best  money in 3 girdles from Femine/FormRx . In 2006 I suffered from a bulging & herniated disk. Before my operation, I turned to a girdle from Femine. It was a better decision than my therapy sessions. The girdle helped my posture and kept my back nice & tight( I was in excruciating pain since my building disk was pinching my static nerve). The second I took the girdle off , the pain would shoot back since my back was not tight and supported. “

Kassandra Melendez 

Compression garments have the following benefits:

May Reduce Muscle Damage: For instance, a biomarker of muscle damage called creatine kinase (CK) has been shown to be reduced after exercise when compression garments are worn. When CK levels are reduced, recovery time is improved due to the increased elimination of waste metabolites and the repair of muscle tissues.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation: When it comes to inflammatory response, compression garments can reduce both pain and inflammation after a workout.

Decrease Soreness and Fatigue: The results of two meta-analyses showed that compression garment use decreases post-workout leg soreness, muscle fatigue, and muscle damage from exercise. The researchers believe these effects are due to an increase in blood flow and lymphatic outflow.

Promote Recovery When Worn Post-Workout: Timing-wise, most evidence shows that wearing compression garments for muscle recovery is best done in the post-exercise period. Conflicting research does not fully support their use during training.

I purchased the vest brace from Femine for medical reasons. 
The l4 and L5 discs are protruded. I suffer a great deal of pain after any type of light exercise. 
Since I started to use the brace; immediately felt relieve when walking or performing household chores. 
I not only have better postures it has helped me tremendously!!!!!
I can walk hours long distances with no pain whatsoever to my legs or back.  
Even just from walking at the store or doing household chores. “
– Abel Monroig 

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